When thoughts really matter

When thoughts really matter

 remember-scripPsalm 25:6-7

Does God really forget? Can we use that literally with God as in God actually forgets about something or someone? I don’t think so and yes I know even God has used the word forget when speaking about himself in a couple of occasions, I think it is more figurative than literal. Isaiah 43:25, God said he will remember our sins no more but does he really like forget totally like it never happened or the memory of it just doesn’t bring any kind or reaction or wrath or destruction, like it doesn’t really matter?

God knows pretty much everything that has happened, happening and will happen. Every act and occurrence is recorded and remembered, there is no memory loss with him, he knows everything really.

So why are we always saying when we pray “remember me o Lord”? David said the same thing here and I want to say this is the most important prayer you can ever pray for yourself if we take time to understand what this prayer means.

What is it like to feel forgotten? You can’t really prove that you’re forgotten but based on a person’s action or lack thereof towards you, you may come to the conclusion that you are forgotten or that God has forgotten about you just because this is not happening or that is not happening in your life. You feel God should have done certain things at this time and life should be at a certain point of success but it feels like everyone is getting theirs but you, so in a way you feel rejected, alone and forgotten but God doesn’t forget and hasn’t forgotten you.

You need to take a moment to meditate on the prayer of David in this two verses to gain a powerful insight that I believe can change your attitude towards this prayer and prayer in General. You see, God doesn’t think in passing, he is not an idle thinker. When he thinks about something, it is always a precursor to an action. When he meditates on a situation, it is because he wants to act and the context and content of his thoughts will determine his actions or lack thereof. We see that in us humans as well, being that we are made in his image. When we think and ponder, more often than not, an action or inaction follows and that action is the culmination and coming together of our thoughts.

He said in Jeremiah 29:11, “the thoughts that I have towards you are thoughts of good and not evil, to prosper you…”. You see, that thought propels the goodness and prosperity that he brings our way, his thoughts are always followed by an action and David knew this and he thought it best to take this approach when praying

“Remember o Lord, your great mercy and love…”

So God first of all, when you are thinking about me, do not think about me when you are angry or generally pissed and you don’t feel like blessing anybody. Let me not come to mind when your action will be that of destruction, anger or wrath. I think we would all agree that is a good prayer as I do not want my application file to be in front of a hiring manager who just had an argument with his wife and his 5 year old just emptied a can of coke in his entertainment system, trust me you ain’t getting that job!!

So here David tries to establish the context for God to remember him, the environment of thought if you could call it that and simply put “God, be in a good mood first before you pick up my file”!!

“Remember not the sins of my youth…”

I’d say look at the word “youth” in the light of young and foolish and not so much of age. When we simply don’t behave maturely when it comes to the things of God, when we disobey and go our way, simply put when we sin. David is saying, Lord when you remember me, don’t ponder upon my messes and my failures and my stupidity. Have you ever wanted to do something good for someone and all of a sudden you remember something bad they have done to you and you decide not to be good anymore? This is what David was praying against, simply saying “Don’t let my sins get in the way of you attending to me, don’t remember my weaknesses and my failures and certainly not when you are about to bless me”

“According to your love…”

If God thinks about you through the eye of his love for you, the love that sent his Son to the cross to die for us and redeem us, there is nothing we cannot get from him so David says “according to your love, remember me”. I am not sure what God was thinking when he decided to send his Son to this world to die for me, but whatever it was, I pray he continues to think about it so his love will continue to flow my way.

“For you are good O Lord”

In the despondency of his situation, in the midst of his crisis, he says “God is good”. This could be very painful to say because life may not depict anything good but this was not only a confession, it was also an attempt to control  God’s thoughts and ultimately his actions. “God, remember you are good so anything that comes from you must be good”. Confession brings God to remembrance and so I ask, in the midst of what you are going through, what are the things you are confessing? Has your loss of faith and hope affected your speech and your confession?

God never forgets, he is a faithful Father who is constantly thinking about his children, he wants to bless them, rescue them and deliver them. He wants to bring them into the new life that he sent his Son to offer them. God wants to bring you into his destiny, yes that same plan that he had before the foundation of the world for you, he has not forgotten and he plans to act and wants to act and will certainly act and work things out for your good, He is a good good Father, he remembers you and knows you by name!!



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