Children of light Part 3 – A new way of life

Children of light Part 3 - A new way of life

There is no way you take something from someone and not give them something better, if you don’t, they ultimately return to what they were doing before. The concluding part of our series talks about the new way of life. We’ve been told that we can’t do this or that and we can’t live a certain way, so what exactly can we do and how can we live from this point forward?

Ephesians 5:1-2 gives us an insight into how we are to live. Be imitators of God and live a life of love just as Christ did. This is a lifetime journey, it simply means in every situation we find ourselves, at every point we need to make a decision, we have to ask ourselves, what would God do in this instance or what does God require me to do?

A lot of times when the bible tells us to do something just like Jesus did, it goes on ahead to show us what Christ did that we need to pattern our lives after.

Jesus gave himself up as an offering and a sacrifice. It’s the same with light, light is not a benefit for itself but for those who come into its shine. God wants us to reflect only things that are good, pure, holy, worthy of note and would ultimately give God glory.

In this new way of life, our actions should be preceded by this question, “what does God require here?”. Whatever it is, that is what we do. At home, at school, amongst friends, our relationship with those who do not believe in God yet, who do not think like we think or live like we do. They should be able to say that we are children of God from our lifestyle and that is simply to say, we are acting and living the same way Jesus would have lived if he were still here.

Ephesians 5:3-21 goes ahead to give specific behaviors and patterns that we must follow or not follow. Read through and I believe the Spirit of God will give you the grace to do what it says. That is how God wants us to live, we have no choice but to accept it as just that, it is the word of God.


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