Children of Light Part 1 – A different mindset

Children of Light Part 1 - A different mindset

“You are the light of the world, a city set on a hill cannot be hidden”. These are the words of Jesus to us and we want to take this opportunity to understand what it means to be light.

Today we deal with the mindset. In order to walk and live the way God wants us to live, we have to think the way he wants us to think and thereby refusing to think the way the world thinks.

Ephesians 4:17-19 starts by saying we must no longer live as we used to. We used to be unbelievers, enemies of God, against what he stood for, we all at some point were on the other side going the wrong direction. This instruction really comes after salvation, the writer is addressing people who have already identified with Christ and it is important to look in depth at what he says.

Futility of thoughts – Thoughts that are not productive, self seeking, sinful, ungodly, the end of it is never good, no matter how good it may look on the surface. Thoughts that are not directed by the Holy Spirit. Thoughts evolve into actions so this is strike at the core of the issue, we must decide to think like Christ or continue in our worldly thinking or mindset which always results in death and destruction.

Darkened in understanding – Our rationalization process never leads us to a point of submission to God and a surrender to his will, it always leads us to live selfishly and ungodly. The word of God never cuts through, we always doubt it, question it, don’t believe or even mock it. Godly ways don’t make sense, the way of the world is more appealing and our minds are more comfortable in that realm.

Life separated from God – if our thoughts don’t align with him, then ultimately our way of life will not. God will not affect any of our decisions. We do as we please, make up our own rules, give no reverence or regard to God.

Ignorance – It’s amazing what the writer is implying, no matter how smart, wise and educated you are, if your mindset has not been affected by the Spirit of God, then you are simply ignorant – OUCH!!

Hardening of the hearts – I think this is the key issue, I don’t think God has a problem with people who do not yet believe, but it people who do not believe and do not allow the word of God to affect them in any way. It presents a picture of someone who just refuses to see things God’s way, unbelief is deliberate and conscious.

Romans 12:2 says it best. our mindset is supposed to change as children of light, children who now belong to another kingdom, Jesus is now our Savior and we have been brought back to the place where we were before sin took us over. Now that we have been saved, we need to change the principles that govern our minds from the principles of this world to the principles of the kingdom to which we now belong, the kingdom of God and of his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is ever ready to empower us to do that.


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