Our ministry exists to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe this is the mandate that God has given us, to share this good news and bring people to the light of salvation, the one gift that God has freely given and one that he expects us to share with the world.

We were made in God’s images and likeness, sin took us away from that identity and now we must retrace our steps. The only way to do that is to discover through his word how we are supposed to live in his image and likeness. We hope you’ll join us as we grow in our relationship with Jesus together. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Jesus is the model, Adam did not like up to expectation but Jesus did what Adam could not do and that is why we follow him. We do not look to anyone but him and it is only through him that we can know Who God is and be more like him. The more we are like Christ, the more we become what God wants us to be.

Experience God through his word, there is no greater connection. We believe developing a personal connection and relationship with God is the key, every other spiritual activity makes sense because of that. There is no point praying and worshipping a God you do not know, knowledge fuels that passion for proximity.

Ministry for us at Chasing Jesus Inc is all about the word, in whatever form we are able to pass it on, we will and as time goes on, we will introduce various ministries where you can be of help to us and ultimately serve God’s purpose in your generation as well.


Segun Daramola

CEO and Founder

Segun Daramola (SDee) is an artist, songwriter and teacher of the word of God. He has spent the past 20 years in ministry serving in one capacity or the other. He was a minister in Jesus House Baltimore before resigning in December 2015 to focus fully on Chasing Jesus Inc