Let your life lead the way

Let your life lead the way

John 1:35-36

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that your life is a book that someone will read one day and try to be like you or emulate. Hopefully you will have succeeded and reached a pinnacle of greatness and your life becomes a motivation for other people coming behind you. Your life paints a picture and that picture points to something. That is really what life is, we are supposed to be pointers, and we are supposed to be a light for someone, a beacon, a guide, hope and a source of encouragement and strength for people around us. Whether you are a parent, teacher, older sibling, community leader or whatever position of influence you may fill, your life should point people around you to something. You should be able to tell someone this is the way to go to find success, to find fulfillment, satisfaction and all that stuff.

 One would have to safely assume that you have found the way yourself, because you cannot give what you don’t have. How can you give someone hope when you are without? How can you be a beacon of light when you are living in darkness? Can you really tell someone how to succeed if you haven’t yourself? People don’t really want to know what you know, they want to know what you have lived out and has worked.

 John the Baptist was fulfilling his assignment in the wilderness and people were coming to get baptized and all of that and he was encouraging people to repent, turn back to God and all that good stuff. There was a day that Jesus came around and I’d like for us to look at what John said on this day and this will really give you and I a good insight into what we need to do and should be doing.

 The next day John was there again with two of his disciples. When he saw Jesus passing by, he said “Look, the Lamb of God!”

 We live in a self-absorbed world, a world where social media has turned people into chronic attention seekers, a “look at me” society full of narcissists. Even when we claim to preach Christ on these mediums, sometimes the pictures that serve as a backdrop for our well put together godly quotes do little to help push the gospel cause. We do one thing for Christ and 9 other things for ourselves, at the end of the day are we glad about the 500 likes because of what we said or that our page analytics just got a major boost? If there was a time John didn’t need to share the spotlight, it was then. He had put the work in, been in the wilderness and his ministry was on the come up and here comes this guy, this Savior who’s about to make John’s mega ministry look like a country side Sunday school. This wasn’t going to be good for John, he would soon not be getting as many likes, retweets and shares, he was about to start losing friends, one by one his followers would start to unfollow and unfriend him, hide his posts from their timelines or even block him completely. With all that in mind he still looked at his disciples and shifted their focus to the one that mattered, Jesus Christ, this is something to really think about. Can you share Christ at the expense of your fame, fortune and popularity? Can you let Christ be great and you pushed to the background? Can you elevate Christ more on your social media sites even if it means losing friends and followers?

 Prior to this, John had made a statement about Jesus and this is what he said “He must become greater and I must become less”….John 3:30. The Christian life is all about elevating Christ and not ourselves but it is becoming increasingly difficult but not withstanding every believer needs to be very careful to not blur the lines, we must always remember what our assignment is, He must become great and we must become less. So anything that we are doing that does not add to his greatness needs to be seriously evaluated and be done away it.  We must seek every opportunity to share the love of Christ, we must always be eager to speak about our Lord and savior to as many as will care to listen. We must be excited about it like a child who spends hours making a craft and is so eager to show his or her parents hoping they’d say it looks very beautiful, there ought to be passion in our voices and a glow in our eyes when it’s time to talk about Jesus, we must never be ashamed of him no matter what, there is no human being on the face of this earth important enough that you’d deny Christ for their sake.

 Also, John did not only point Jesus out to his disciples, he had a good understanding of who he was making reference of, this was no ordinary person, this was the Lamb of God. How do you sell a product you know nothing about or how to use it? How do you tell people to return to God when you haven’t? How do encourage people to get closer to him when we ourselves are standing afar off? At some point, people are going to ask you, who exactly is this Jesus? What has he done for me, what can he do? What difference has he made in your life and what should I be expecting? It is easy talk but tough to do, for your life to fully reflect the nature and character of the one you are proclaiming but I don’t think God said that we would have to do that by our own strength, so we really don’t have any excuses. Let’s take this light that we profess to have in our hearts, carry it and let the whole world see it.


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