Isaiah 60:1 – “Arise, Shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you”….NIV

It’s a brand new year and I really thank God for that, I sit back and wonder sometimes what life would be like if we lived without a calendar and we just lived. No 2013, 2014 or 15 and we just had days and nights over days and nights, not sure it’d be a thrilling experience. You look at the Moses’ prayer in Psalm 90:12, he starts by saying “teach us to number our days…”.

If for anything, numbering our days helps us to put things behind us and in perspective. It has helped some to forget past hurt and disappointment, we roll up the pain with the year that has passed and we look forward to  better things ahead and I want to believe that is exactly what God meant it for. What is in the past should be in the past and the future should be embraced with passion, expection and excitement.

So in the month of January, I will be sharing with you some insight I have received from the reading the verse of scripture above and how it can help us to embrace what God has ahead of us because I believe every new year presents new opportunities, it affords a reset, mind set wise and emotionally, it lets us re-focus and gear up, in a way the excitement of a new year translates to motivation and energy to pursue dreams and aspirations.


Why would God say that? What would make someone say that? Well, I think the simple answer to that is whoever is being spoken to is in a sitting position (pretty obvious right!!). If you weren’t sitting, you wouldn’t be asked to stand. But is there anything wrong with sitting? I don’t think so but I believe the issue is not the sitting, the problem is sitting when you’re supposed to be standing!

That for me is the intriguing part see, I start to look at sitting as a stance, attitude, disposition that God is telling me to get rid of in order for me to embrace what he has in store for me. He is looking at me and in his eyes, I have come to standstill, I am no longing moving and forging ahead. Why is that?

You see, disappointments can put you in a sitting position, loss, failure, depression, sin can also put you in a sitting position as living in sin becomes a hindrance to spiritual growth. If I may ask, How did 2016 end for you? If you’re sitting then it means it probably didn’t go as you expected and you are the one that God is talking to today.

There was a man named Job in the bible and we are told he went through hell and it came to a point he thought nothing else to do but to sit among the ashes-Job 2:7-8.

So in essence, it is time to get up from the pain, disappointment and failures of last year, it is time to let go of the thoughts that keep depressing you, the memories of your failures and mistakes, God is saying to arise, that’s the first thing to do. Before you can enter into the newness of this year, you have to let go of the pain and disappointment of the past, it’s time to ARISE.

Heart Felt Prayer: My heavenly Father, I present myself to you today and I ask that you help me let go of the past, release me from the chains of my failures and my mistakes. Help me arise, lift my head, give me grace to stand in earnest expectation of what you have laid in store for me in Jesus name, Amen!

Next week, we will talk about another part of the scripture and until then, I say to you ARISE and get ready for God to do a wonderful work in your life in 2017.







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