Isaiah 60:1“Arise, Shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you”…NIV

Faith is a key element and ingredient in our relationship with God. More often that not, he requires of us a willingness to move (arise and shine) based on his instruction in anticipation of what he wants to do in our lives. Faith fails or is failing when we insist on seeing what he has promised before moving or acting on his word. Sometimes this act of faith may present us to the ordinary eye as unplanned or unprepared, but with God, stepping out in faith is immediately followed by an outpouring of his grace and glory, sufficient for the journey we have just embarked on and even much more.

To understand the last part of this scripture we have been meditating on, we need to bring back to mind the instructions preceding that promise. God says we should arise, we need to move on after a fall, or a disappointment. When we fall off the horse of destiny and purpose, God says we need to get right back on it. Not only get back on it, we need to resume what we were doing before that setback for what he called you to do before your fall is still what he expects of you after your fall. The promise of his glory is heavily predicated on our ability to arise and shine.

Remember the story of the ten lepers in bible? If you don’t, you can read it in Luke 17:11-19. They asked to be cleansed and Jesus’ reply was for them to go show themselves to the priest and we are told that as they went they were cleansed. As they went, as they carried out his instruction, as they followed his command. God’s blessing requires faith and obedience to walk hand in hand. A lot of times we are so fearful to act on his word and we want to see assuring signs or manifestation before we move but to be like that is to live life outside of faith. Ours is to obey and his to bless and as we obey, he begins to bless.

So the glory of God, the full expression of his grace and mercy, the weight of his blessing will rise upon you as you get back up and live the life he has laid before you to live. Stop worrying about what you will need, what you will eat, drink or wear. Stop being afraid of the trials and tribulations that lie ahead and understand that as you arise and shine, God’s glory will supply all that you need to complete your journey. Your faith and obedience is the catalyst of the outpouring of his grace, so you don’t worry about God because he is not known to fail and will never fail. If he has promised then best believe that he will give the glory that he has promised. Let your focus be on arising and shining, living according to his word, living by faith, living a life of worship and praise and he will surely work all things out for your good.


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