Isaiah 60:1“Arise, Shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you”…NIV

Last week, we talked about the beginning of the verse above and the instruction we were given to “Arise”. To move away from past failures and disappointments and setbacks. Jesus makes a very profound illustration in Matthew 12:43-45 about living in a vacuum state. The probability that a life will return to what it was before it was delivered is high if that Life does not progress beyond the point of deliverance. There will always be a tendency to go back to the things we have left in the past if we are not engaging our minds in the light of what God has just done for us in order for our actions to propel us into the future, a time will come when we begin to slip back into the grasp of what we have just left behind.

When you get back on your feet, what do you do? You go back to pursuing your dreams, back to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life, embracing life and what God has put before you. You get back to being prominent in the realm of your destiny, you’re supposed to be the center of attraction and influence in the field of your dreams and God wants to put you back there. Do not misunderstand that to mean Jesus Christ is not the center of your life and living but you have been placed with the responsibility of living out God’s purpose for your life.

So we move from being told to ARISE to SHINE. What does that mean? To shine would indicate that you have some type of light to radiate right? I guess that’s why the verse reads “Shine, for your light has come”.

The coming of your light is not dependent on you, and that we will talk about next week but it’s what you have to do with the light that  we will focus on today.

God has placed so much in his children and we must realize that every grace and ability, every working of the Holy Spirit is so that someone outside of you can come to the experience of your light. Your light signifies a time that God has set for you to bring into manifestation his grace upon your life. Falling down takes our focus away from what God wants us to do to feeling sorry for ourselves but understood that a life is dependent on your moving forward with your purpose. A life is dependent on your decision and determination to shine, to give the world the opportunity to see God’s grace at work in your life.

Somebody out there needs your light, your message, your music, your compassion, your intellect, your wisdom, whatever it is that God has put in you, you can’t go to the grave with. I understand you may be having a bad day, bad week, bad month or even have had a bad life but you have to get up, there is power at the cross for healing, deliverance and freedom. There is power to move beyond the grave of the past, to resurrect into grace and newness and all this has been made available through the blood of Jesus Christ.

You are alive because you are needed at this time, grace has come and is here to give you all that you need, to restore you and reposition you so you can progress in this journey before you. Your light is here, your healing and restoration is here so start living in that healing and restoration and move forward, go into the world and affect, let your light shine so men can give glory to the God of heaven and earth, master of the universe and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!





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