Who We Are


We believe that the only way to experience fulfillment in a relationship with someone is to grow deeper in the knowledge of and experience with them. The more you get to know someone, the more appreciative you become of them especially when everything you find out is exactly what they profess to be.

To have a satisfying and intimate relationship with God, we have to get to know him better and the only way to know him is to study and meditate on what he has revealed to us about himself. There is no other way around it, we have to dedicate time to learn more about God.


Wednesday at 7pm
Sunday at 6pm


Our mission statement can be summed up in one word: STUDY.

Read and Believe | Where is your bible?
The bible is God’s word inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Meditate | You and the Holy Spirit.
Letting God’s Spirit guide you to understanding by revelation.

Put to Practice | Evidence of study, meditation and submission.
When we begin to practice what God says, it is evidence that we have been studying and mediating and we are letting the Spirit of God work in us through his grace to make us who God wants us to be.


There are a lot of christians whose knowledge of God is limited to what they hear other people say and their interaction and application of their faith is limited to Sundays. There are even people who do not believe in God based on second hand information of him and not what they have found out themselves.

Studying the word of God is very fulfilling and it is practical. God never leaves us alone to walk into error and misinterpretation of his word, he is right there with you when you study

They will all know me!

There is nothing wrong and false with the word of God, it is our approach to it and the way we are sometimes introduced to it that makes it an uphill battle. It will take effort but the grace is given by God. Everyone should at some point in their lives be able to say, “this is what I have learnt about God by studying his word”.



CEO and Founder

Segun Daramola (SDee) is an artist, songwriter and teacher of the word of God. He has spent the past 20 years in ministry serving in one capacity or the other. He was a minister in Jesus House Baltimore before resigning in December 2015 to focus fully on Chasing Jesus Inc
Segun Daramola is happily married to his wife Ola and they are blessed with two wonderful children, Gabrielle and Danielle.



Chasing Jesus Inc was born in 2012 by God’s inspiration and revelation. God laid in our hearts a passion and a desire to see people come closer to him and grow in knowledge of him. For the past 3 years, we’ve been an online community, sharing various sermons and blogs and encouraging people to develop a habit of studying the word of God.

Our CEO, Segun Daramola (SDEE) has been actively involved in ministry for over 20 years. He was the Music and Sound Director and also a minister at Jesus House Baltimore, a position he resigned from in December 2015 so as to channel his entire ministry focus on Chasing Jesus Inc.


We believe in the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of the word of God. There is no part of the word of God that needs revision, amendment or change, it is not any nations’ constitution, it is the very word of God spoken to us for a specific purpose to a specific people.

We believe we have been called to make the word of God more accessible and not more acceptable. We do not have any power in ourselves to make people believe or convict people, we believe that is the work of the Holy Spirit. All we have been asked to do is to share the good news of salvation and that is what we will do. God’s word is true and let us take it for what it is and pray for the grace to abide by it even when we don’t fully understand why God wants us to at certain times.