I stumbled upon this statement made by the prophet Jeremiah in one of his conversations with God, I just felt intrigued and I think it is worth thinking about especially in the light of the topic Identity.

“Lord, I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their steps”. Jeremiah 10:23…NIV

As always every scripture has its contextual bucket but my goal is not to dive into the context of Jeremiah’s statement. In context, certain truth come out that speak to a general characterization of people and God and the meaning of that truth will be the same in context and out of context, it is truth, holds true regardless and when you study the word of God more and more, this truth is supported by other scriptures. I sincerely believe this statement is one of such truth, you do not even need to fully understand what made him say that, take it as the truth.

It is not for a human being to direct his or her own steps because he or she does not own the life. If he or she owned the life then he or she will have the power to determine when that life starts or ends, determine what happens or does not happen to it. Does this mean nothing is under the control of the human, no not at all. What the human has control over is what the maker of the life has ceded to him or her to have control over, ultimately for that life to have any meaning or find any kind of fulfillment, it must abide by the owner’s expectation or else no matter what it may seek to achieve or what it may have accomplished, it counts for nothing.

So, what is our Identity? not to totally disregard Jeremiah’s context, if you really want to know, he made that statement when God was speaking against Israel’s idolatry, this nagging need and desire to be owned by something else and take identity from objects that do not give life because they have no life in of themselves. Embracing ideology that offers freedom and an unrestrained existence, having the illusion that somehow you are in control of your life and you are not bound by what God requires of humanity. This way of life that makes us foreign to our God given destiny and identity is what we unfortunately chase after and then we start to call ourselves all sorts of things that have no place in God’s will and plan for our lives. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Have you looked into the word of God to see if you are moving more towards the image and identity he wants you to carry or you are moving further and further away? Are you looking more and more like him or it’s becoming more and more difficult to align you with his expectations?

So maybe Identity is not so much of how people see us but how we present ourselves to the one who made us, the one who laid a plan and a prototype and expects us to conform to it. Maybe what people think of us does not really matter, so this burning desire to align with worldly and ungodly perspective should be done away with as the one who did not create you has no power to assess or judge you. This makes it more important that we understand who we need to be and what God wants us to be in order for us to begin to walk towards that reality and yes it is a reality, the identity God wants us to present is possible in the grace and mercy that he has afforded us through Jesus Christ.

Do not conform to that pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will….Romans 12:2

As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance…1 Peter 1:14 NIV

The meaning of the Greek word translated as conform in these two verses of scripture means “To be or become behaviorally or socially similar to; conceived of as being of becoming shaped or molded to a certain pattern”.

So do you find your identity in Jesus Christ and are you becoming more and more like him every day? If not, you can start today by giving your life to him and asking him to come take his rightful place in your life, reclaim his throne in your life and watch him transform you into who he wants you to be, your true Identity!!